Why PAT Testing!

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an important Health & Safety responsibility for any organisation or individual. It is done using a series of safety and function tests carried out on your electrical appliances to ensure they are safe for use.

What we will do

The Test itself will ensure that each appliance is given a nine-point test:

  1. Plugs - checked for compliance, damage and correct secure fitting
  2. Fuses - ensure correct rating fitted
  3. Cables - checked for wear and tear; heat damage; cuts and abrasions
  4. Appliance Housing - checked for compliance and damage: cracks, dents and corrosion
  5. Earth Bond - ensure earthing of appliance meets acceptable standards
  6. Insulation - Indicates if the insulation protecting the conductors is broken
  7. Load Test - Checks if the equipment and fuses operate correctly
  8. Earth Leakage - Measures the leakage current to the earth while the appliance is operating
  9. Function - to ensure appliance is fully operational

Once we have tested your appliances, we will label them with ID number, retest date and our engineer’s initial. For any items we fail, we will provide an explanatory note. All customers are provided with a detailed testing report, which is available electronically or as a hard copy.